Inner Critic running your life?

We don't get taught how to stop it's impact on our life ... until now!

You know how it goes, we have this great new plan for our life - looking all bright, shiny and hopeful and then ... BOOM ... that crushing, unrelenting, negative self-talk takes over and our wonderful dream, our wonderful new life ... POOF ... is gone! Then we slide back into the same old world we have built for our self, feeling disillusioned about how we can make significant change.

But guess what you can make change, PERMANENT CHANGE and it starts with quashing the Inner Critic.

You can learn how to succeed in any area of your life by finally freeing yourself from the toxic influence of the Inner Critic. You'll learn from leading Financial Mental Health and Resilience expert, Financial Therapist, Jane Monica-Jones.
  • Most people believe that the Inner Critic is who they are and is part of the unchangeable quality of their personality. But in fact we can change what it says to us and STOP its influence on our life!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to the Inner Critic

    • Inner Critic Workbook

  • 2

    The Inner Critic

    • Module 1 - What is the Inner Critic and why do we even have it?!

    • Module 2 - How the Inner Critic affects the nervous system, thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours

    • Module 3 - Factors that sustain the Inner Critic

  • 3

    My Unique Inner Critic

    • Module 4 - Identifying my unique Inner Critic

    • Module 5 - Understanding the impact (both implicit and explicit) of my Inner Critic

    • Module 6 - Identifying triggers that activate my Inner Critic

    • Module 7 - Identifying factors that sustain my Inner Critic

  • 4

    Strategies to Defend Against My Inner Critic

    • Module 8 - Building awareness of the sensations of my Inner Critic

    • Module 9 - Building awareness of the voice of my Inner Critic

    • Module 10 - The greatest defence against my Inner Critic

    • Module 11 - Identifying the slippery nature of my Inner Critic

    • Module 12 - Resources that support me when I'm under attack by my Inner Critic

  • 5

    Bonus Material

    • BONUS Guided Positive Energy Meditation

    • BONUS Guided Mindfulness Meditation

    • BONUS Inner Critic Workbook

Financial Therapy book shipped to your door

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Plus these great bonuses

  • Guided Positive Energy Meditation

    Be nourished by the Positive Energy Guided Meditation. This 20 minute meditation supports our mental health and resiliency.

  • Inner Critic Workbook

    To capture your profound learnings and insights and support the integration of every you learn in the course.

  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation

    Gain more mindfulness in your day with Jane's most popular guided meditation. An enduring support for many a nervous system.

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