Gain serenity with money...

You will discover the issues or obstacles to experiencing deep trust, expansiveness and empowerment with money ... and on a deeper level, these same qualities in your life. You will learn how to embody a deep sense of solidity, groundedness, courage and empowerment, enabling you to weather whatever life puts in your path, financially or otherwise.

A transformative course bringing more peace, more courage, more passion and more solidity in how you do money.

From worried to centred, from collapsed to strong, leaving behind frustration for more peace and empowerment with money. Through this course you will feel deep within your core that you have got what it take to transform your financial life, follow your dream or expand your life.
  • Imagine feeling so empowered, so embodied, so passionate and strong that there was no need for you to 'change your mindset'. Instead you felt ready, capable and completely trusting in your capacity to deliver. The mantra of your whole being says "I've got what it takes!"

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Money Mindfulness

    • Money Mindfulness Workbook

  • 2

    Money & Trust - The Emergence of Solidity

    • Module 1

    • Module 2

    • Module 3

  • 3

    Money & Courage - The Catalyst of Expansion

    • Module 1

    • Module 2

    • Module 3

  • 4

    Money & Power - The Crowning of Peace

    • Module 1

    • Module 2

    • Module 3

  • 5

    Bonus Material

    • BONUS Guided Positive Energy Meditation

    • BONUS Guided Mindfulness Meditation

    • BONUS Inner Critic Workbook

Financial Therapy book shipped to your door

The Billionaire Buddha normally $25+

Not only will you receive the full Money Mindfulness course and additional bonuses, plus you’ll also receive a copy of Jane's book The Billionaire Buddha shipped to your door. Normal retail price $25+shipping.
The Billionaire Buddha book

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Plus these great bonuses

  • Guided Positive Energy Meditation

    Be nourished by the Positive Energy Guided Meditation. This 20 minute meditation supports our mental health and resiliency.

  • Inner Critic Workbook

    To capture your profound learnings and insights and support the integration of every you learn in the course.

  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation

    Gain more mindfulness in your day with Jane's most popular guided meditation. An enduring support for many a nervous system.

Why keep suffering?

Work with a world leader in this proven transformative work and finally start living the life you have always dream of.

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